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About Us

We are a friendly, approachable team of hardworking balloon decorators who are always up for a challenge. We don't bite and have always got time to meet up with you at your venue or discuss your needs on the phone with regards to your function..

All our teaching staff have successfully completed and passed a program of training and have received a Professional Trainer Certificate. I myself have been teaching for 13 years.

As professional balloon decorators, we attend regular courses to bring you the best ideas and latest designs.

We are all members of the Qualatex Network.

We carry public employment liability insurance.

There are also no hidden costs in our prices.

There are 4 ways that you could order balloons from us:

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A balloon, when cared for properly, will devote all it's energy to lifting your spirits. As a rule, balloons immediately become attached to their new owners and will follow them obediently wherever they are taken, without complaining: into lifts, down stairs or even for a trip in the car.

It should be noted that balloons, like you and me prefer warm, cosy environments to chilly arctic airs and will eventually tire of working to make you smile and droop a little or even lie down on the floor to rest. When this happens do not assume that they have finished their job. Put into retirement as sofa cushions or a decorative wall hanging, they will last for weeks.

Balloons do not need to be fed, just tug on their strings now and then to show them that you care.

Like you and I, balloons would rather be free to travel and see the world than work, and given the opportunity one or two of the more adventurous ones may misuse the energy intended to lift your spirits and attempt to escape by floating away. Keeping this in mind, tie your balloons securely near you for a while and get to know them.