Chair Covers & Sashes

Chair Covers

Here at ABC Chair Covers, your dreams are our business.

Our chair covers will transform your venue into your dream and will create that wow factor that you and your guests will not forget.

We can provide you with close fitting chair covers of the highest quality at an affordable price of just £2 per chair!

Choose from our white, ivory or black covers.

We can offer you a friendly, reliable, professional and most importantly affordable service that we know you will be happy with. We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have either via e-mail or if it's easier for you we are also just a phone call away!

There are 3 ways you can hire our chair covers:

  1. You can collect them directly from us and dress your own venue.
  2. If you live within our distribution area we can offer you a set-up service at a small fee, leaving you free to enjoy your day.
  3. You can order them from us and fit them yourselves at just £2 per chair! We will deliver and collect the covers nationwide using our reliable courier service.

How to make a booking in 4 simple steps

  1. Take a look at our CHAIR COVER INFORMATION
  2. Choose your chair from our POPULAR CHAIRS
  3. Have a look at our most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
  4. Fill out our BOOKING FORM

We can gladly send you a sample of the sash colour you like, just let us know on our booking form.

Hiring of sashes

If you have already seen the chairs at your venue and they are nice and neutral in colour why not add one of our sashes to the chair to create a splash of your colour theme. We can send these also via our courier before your wedding day so you have got plenty of time to tie them onto your chairs. These are just 50p to hire!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that your chair covers fit our chairs at the venue?

Take a look at our chair chart and this will help you decide what type of chair cover to book. We appreciate any photos or relevant measurements you supply. If there's any doubt, we'll send a cover to you to check the fit.

Are you able to set-up our chair covers for us at our venue?

If you are in the Somerset area, subject to our availability and a fee, we may be able to set-up your chair covers for you. If your wedding venue is outside of our area we will send you our chair covers via courier so that you can pop them on yourselves.

When will I get my covers?

In the busy summer months (May to mid October) we will send your covers out to get to you the day before your wedding.

During off-peak periods earlier delivery may be possible.

Our rotation of the covers is based on weddings occurring on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. If your wedding is NOT on one of these days an additional cost may be incurred, please call us to confirm the details.

Can I have them delivered by a certain time the day before?

Yes you can. Your chair covers will arrive anytime between 9 - 5.30pm the day before your wedding. If you would like them earlier on that day we can offer you a before 12pm service which is an additional courier charge of £8.

How long do we get to keep the covers for?

If your wedding is on a Sunday: You receive them on the Friday before and return them on the Monday.

If your wedding is on Monday: You receive them on the Friday before and return them on the Tuesday.

If your wedding is on Tuesday: You receive them on Monday and return them Wednesday.

If your wedding is on Wednesday: You receive them on Tuesday and return them Thursday.

All other days you will get them the day before and return them the Monday after your wedding.

How will they arrive?

They will arrive via courier in our Alight Balloon Company boxes, usually 30 per box. The sashes will also be contained within these boxes.

Where will the covers be sent?

They can be sent to any address where there is someone to receive them i.e. your home, work place or even your venue.

Where will they be collected from?

We prefer our couriers to collect them from a home address.

What is the courier fee?

Our courier service for up to 100 covers and 100 organza sashes is £45. (That includes them being returned to us) For up to 150 covers and sashes it's £60. For 150 - 200 covers and sashes it's £70.

If you would like satin sashes the costs are as follows: For up to 80 covers and 80 satin sashes the cost is £45. For up to 130 covers and satin sashes it's £60. For up to 150 covers and satin sashes it's £70 for up to 200 covers and satin sashes it's £85.

Can we collect them from you?

Yes you can. This will save you the courier fee. We are 5 - 10 minutes drive off Junction 24 of the M5, depending on tractors. You will just need to return them back to us after your wedding.

How do I go about booking?

Fill out our booking form and e-mail it over to us. We will then transfer the details onto an invoice and send it back to you via e-mail. You then print and sign our invoice and terms and pop both sheets in the post to us with full payment.

How and when do I pay?

Payment is required on receipt of the invoice. Until we receive payment the booking is not secured. We may take bookings for your covers if payment is not promptly sent.

What are your terms?

There are lots, all nicely laid out on the TOC page of this web site. Please read these carefully so that there are no misapprehensions regarding liability for damage or loss.

What if I don't have final figures yet?

It's best to book approximately the amount you know as you then can take advantage of our offer. You can then add any extras as soon as you get your RSVPs returned, providing we have got availability. If you overbook and give us at least 2 months notice we will reimburse you up to 10 covers and sashes. Within 2 months the original number booked will be charged for.

What colour chair cover should I have?

It is best to match up with your tablecloth.

What is the difference between Organza sashes & Satin sashes?

Organza is a light fabric, almost see-through, whereas Satin is a solid fabric and thicker.

Are the sashes difficult to tie?

No, they are very easy to tie. The Organza ones are easier to tie and the Satin ones requiring a little more time.

Am I able to order just the chair covers or just sashes?

Yes you can.

What if I change my mind about the colour of my chair covers or even the sashes?

Just let us know as soon as you know and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.

Are you able to send sash samples for us to see, even though all your colours are on your site?

Yes we can. Just tick the box on the booking form and request the colour and material of which you would like a sample.

How long do the chair covers and sashes take to put on?

It will take 2 people half an hour to put on 50 of the close fitting covers. That includes the sashes.

Are you able to send us a chair cover for us to try on the chairs?

Yes, we are able to send one from our damaged stock for you to try on a chair (it will either have as stain or a tear). There is a £3 P&P charge for this. Just send us a cheque for £3 made payable to the company with details of your address, telephone number and the type of chair that you have.

What is the difference between linen covers and close fitting covers?

Linen covers hang on the chairs whereas close fitting covers stretch onto the chairs.

Our close fitting covers are perfect to be sent in the post as they don't crease and therefore require no ironing.

The linen covers will arrive creased even though they are pressed and folded neatly into the boxes for you.

What happens if I damage a chair cover?

We deduct £10 for every chair cover that is returned to us with a mark on it that is irremovable.

We do our utmost to remove the any stains with a range of professional products. However certain substances such as pen or tomato-based sauces are almost impossible to remove.

Due to previous experiences, unfortunately we cannot take bookings for white & ivory chair covers where curry will be served. Our black chair covers will still be available for these events.

What happens if a sash goes missing?

We charge £5 for every sash that is not returned back to us. It is quite common for sashes to be missing when our covers are returned if the covers are being kept on for the evening reception, so please bear this in mind.

Should I keep the covers on for the evening reception?

Of course you can, but please bear in mind that the evening reception is when the wine will usually be flowing and things may be either spilt on the covers, or high heels may cut into our covers, or the odd sash could go astray.

Do you provide table runners as well?

Yes we do. You can either buy our sashes @ £4 each which are 9 foot long and one will fit perfectly over a round table of approx 8-10 guests. You will need 2 of these for your top table. Or you can buy it on the roll for £16.99. It is 29cm wide and 25m long. We cannot guarantee a perfect colour match with our Organza rolls but are more than happy to send a sample out for you to look at.

Are you able to send balloons as well if our venue is out of your area?

If you would like balloons for your wedding as well you can either:

  • Come down and learn all you need to know in order to create that WOW factor you are looking for to transform your venue. We offer half and full day courses. You can take away all the balloons, ribbons and weights that you will need for you day.
  • Or you can let us know what you would like and we can calculate exactly what you will need and add it to your order of chair covers. These balloons will be flat-packed and ready to inflate on your big day.

Do the sashes come pre-tied?

The sashes come ironed and folded. All chairs are different widths across the back so we let you tie them onto the chairs.

Can I have a different delivery and collection address?

Yes you can. We do prefer to collect from a home or work address as opposed to the venue if possible.

Do I need to pay in full if it's a promotion that you are offering?

Yes you do. We take between 25 and 40 bookings every day when we have got a promotion on so we only want to book out our covers to clients that are happy to go ahead and book.

What are the covers that are on offer made from?

When we have got an offer on, those covers are made of Spandex. They stretch onto the chairs giving a much better fit than loose fitting covers.