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We also hire and sell tanks of helium. Check out our helium page for full details.


All the balloons that we sell are the same ones that we use ourselves for functions, therefore they are of the highest quality and hopefully won't hurt your fingers when tying them like cheaper ones do!

Bag of 100 latex balloons16.00These will inflate to 12 inches
Bags of 25 pearlised balloons5.00These will also inflate to 12 inches
Bag of 100 baby latex balloons14.00These will inflate to 5 inches
Bags of 25 heart balloons7.50These will inflate to 6 inches
Clear balloons with prints on70p each(happy birthday, anniversary, wedding prints & numbers etc) These are to be used with the 12inch balloons to create stunning printed balloons.
Bag of 25 baby balloons with wedding prints on6.00
Bag of 25 baby balloons - clear5.00These are great used for promotional gifts with products stuffed inside.


Curling ribbon (500yards)2.95
Metallic curling ribbon (250 yards)5.95
Pre-cut lengths4p each
Thick ribbon (100yards)5.95perfect for making bows
Organza - roll (25m by 29cm)12.00


Bangle weights25p eachYou will need 2 of these to hold down 3 balloons
Empty box weights50p each
Filled box weights75p each
Double heart weights2.00 eachThese come in silver, gold and red. Perfect with our matching metallic table confetti at 1.00 per table


Balloon pumps4.99To inflate air filled balloons quickly. I don't go anywhere without mine!
Glue dots (per roll of 1000)14.00These are for sticking things to walls and tables
Tabs (per 100)12.00These are for hanging things from.
Cups and sticks (per 100)12.00These are for attaching an air filled balloon to.
Wish cards20p eachThey come in many designs and are for attaching to the balloons with your wish for the bride and groom. They are then released into the sky. Check out our wish balloon pictures.
Ultra high float 24oz (141 balloons)19.99
94 oz (576 balloons)55.99
Balloon bags1.20 eachThese will carry up to 15 latex balloons or 12 foil balloons, and make life easy!


You will find below our prices for 2009, but they do vary from time to time depending on the cost of helium within the market.

X1085inflates over 310 x 9" balloons (27p each)
X20140inflates over 620 x 9" balloons (22p each)
X30195inflates over 900 x 9" balloons (21p each)

Prices include rental for 7 days. After this time there is a 5 per week rental charge on any tank hired out. There is also a £10 cash returnable deposit for the valve.

Please check out our Terms & Conditions for any other information.

We also sell the disposable tanks for you to keep. These tanks cost £33.99 and inflate 50 balloons.